Case Study

Quality of Care Audit

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Healthcare regulatory authorities understand that the cost of providing medical care is escalating at an alarming rate. With challenges ranging from rising malpractice costs to physician turnover, medical practices must maximize resources and make tough choices in order to remain profitable. It is precisely these challenges that make improving patient satisfaction so critical. Our client, Healthcare regulatory authority of one of the fastest growing Gulf countries faced the challenge of assessing patient satisfaction across hospitals in the country, and identify patient care issues of concern and opportunities for individual and system quality improvement.

The grmc solution

grmc was commissioned by the client to undertake patient satisfaction assessment across all major private and public healthcare institutions in the country. In addition, our research measured satisfaction levels with health services received overseas. Our team interviewed over 40,000 patients through a combination of intercept (face to face) and telephone interviews (CATI).

We undertook statistical analysis and modeling of inpatient and outpatient satisfaction scores and developed a priority matrix which identified the most critical attributes requiring improvement. In addition, our research identified and evaluated attributes that exerted the greatest influence on overall satisfaction.

Results achieved

grmc has worked with the client since the inception stages of patient satisfaction campaigns in the country and has been the retained advisor since then. In essence, our work assisted the client in assessing patients’ perceptions, experiences and expectations of inpatient and outpatient services received at public and private sector healthcare facilities across the country.

Our findings assisted the client with ranking of hospitals in the country according quality of care delivered and benchmark performance against regional and international hospitals.

The patient satisfaction study provided actionable insight and recommendations to improve service and enhance patient experience. The robust nature of our study allowed the health authority to publish the findings in print media.